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You may be running a business that requires processing many emails, whether it is, sales emails to and from customers, query emails to and from, customers, other emails required to run the business

Processing emails forms a core part of any established business. As volumes increase, it is important to make sure that emails are processed in a timely, professional and cost effective manner. Losing control of your email operation can result in unhappy customers and subsequent loss of business.

There are many reasons you may consider outsourcing, including the following,
Lack of resources to process current and increasing email volumes, in a prompt and accurate manner, hence resulting in lost business and unhappy customers,
Increasing costs involved in resources used to process the emails and tying down valuable human resources to do a job that can be done elsewhere for a much lower cost. Thus leaving key resource to concentrate on core activities, like growing the business or managing the overall operation.

Email outsourcing can provide a valuable and cost effective solution to deal with a very important business function and also reducing costs in the process.

Many companies have outsourced their first line telephone support to call centers especially in places like India. Although reducing costs, this has sometimes resulted in unhappy customers who would rather be speaking to someone in the UK, then have their call answered by someone in India.

With email outsourcing there is no issue of unhappy customers, since customers are not verbally talking to anyone, and have no idea who is responding to their mail and where that person responding is located.

There are other concerns with outsourcing emails to a third party company, for instance maintaining confidentiality of information. To overcome this you have to ensure that the outsourcing company is willing to follow procedures and practices that you would have in place if you were running the email operation in house to maintain security and data confidentiality. Again no operation is fool proof against a determined culprit who wants to misuse information whether the emails are processed in-house or processed by an external company. But with using tried and tested practices and well defined data confidentiality contractual agreements which can be legally enforced, the concerns regarding misuse of data by outsourcing companies should be very minimal.

CardsMadeEasy is an example of a company that has outsourced their complicated customer related email operations reducing costs and ensuring smooth and efficient flow of communications with customers. CardsMadeEasy say that, before outsourcing they were struggling to cope with the ever increasing number of emails to process, and were tying up essential resource to manage the emails. Employing more people in the UK would have been too expensive so we looked globally for cheaper resource.

The key to our outsourcing success is to ensure that the communication with customers is seamless, and the customers have no idea whether their emails are being answered in the UK or in elsewhere. We still maintain their First line telephone support from our UK offices.

Email outsourcing is the way forward and will in time become the standard practice that is currently the case with outsourcing of other business functions. The sooner you evaluate it as an option, the sooner you may come to realise its many benefits to your organisation.

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