Telemarketing Joint Ventures Increase Sales by sanj bhagta

Telemarketing is a fast and convenient way to build sales into your business. It is rated as the #1 technique for converting lists of names and numbers into paying customers, and may serve as a platform from which you can develop a real rapport with your client base.

Well-drilled telesales staff will help you increase the amount your customers spend with you too. Their experience in cross-selling different products and up-selling add-ons / upgrades could aid you in bringing in many thousands in additional revenue…revenue that you may otherwise be struggling to make from that very same list!

Good telesales staff though are hard to come by. It might take months of advertising and interviewing to attract the right type of candidate capable of selling to customers over the phone. Telesales staff are also an expensive addition to the payroll, even if they are only employed on a part-time basis.
For a much more cost-effective telemarketing solution a different approach is required. Welcome to the world of joint venture partnerships!

Joint Ventures - the Telemarketing Solution

Joint ventures (JVs) are practical business solutions that enable two or more businesses to co-operate with each other for mutual financial gain. In terms of a telemarketing solution they represent a highly efficient way to develop revenue from a call list with little or no money down.

There are literally hundreds of telemarketing call centers out there looking for new call campaigns to work on. It is a competitive market and many call centers are willing to take on riskier propositions for the sake of securing exclusive rights to the campaign.

From a JV perspective this is great news! If your call list is of a good quality and there is a high level of potential profit per sale in the offing, call centers may be only too happy to consider accepting a deal where they are paid purely on a performance basis. You can therefore kick-start your telesales activity without having to pay a fee.

For JVs where sales calls need to be made you'll need to focus on delivering your proposal to call centers that offer outbound telemarketing services. Offshore call centers especially are worthy of consideration here as they are the ones more likely to be open to your JV proposal.
TIP: Before approaching offshore telemarketing firms do check out their staff training policies. The best offshore call centers provide their staff with voice training. This enables them to converse in an appropriate accent and tone to suit your customers.

Finding Telemarketing Firms

Locating a suitable telemarketing firm is easier than many people might think. All you've got to do is make a simple search on the Internet. On the popular search engines use search terms like "outbound telemarketing" and "telemarketing campaign" to list hundreds of telemarketing firms to whom you can make an approach.


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